Friday, May 13, 2011

Reasons Why Students Should Wear School Uniforms to School

In Singapore, almost all schools require students to wear uniforms to school. In my opinion, it is not just a habit. In fact, it is an important and essential part of schooling, for very simple reasons. Wearing school uniforms to schools promote good values in students, and thus it should be continued in Singapore.

School uniforms, as the name implies, promotes uniformity within the school. Uniformity can be achieved through wearing the same piece of clothing, and people can feel a sense of unity. In addition, it provides a sense of belonging, where you feel that you really belong to a certain school. A sense of pride is too cultivated since school uniforms show what school one is from. Some people say that school uniforms are dull and unattractive, but school uniforms, and only school uniforms, can create a sense of uniqueness. You can say the school song, school flag, school logo, school motto, school mission and school vision is different, but nobody really notices that. It is the school uniform that people notice. School uniforms represent the school as much as the students represent the school, and thus they are extremely important and should be worn.

Moreover, school uniforms promote responsibility and discipline in students. The school uniform would always have the school name and logo on it, no matter which school it is, or at least initials. Students who disrupt the crowd might get reported to the school principal. Therefore, students must maintain the school’s and their own reputation. For instance, forms of media like Straits Time Online Mobile Print (STOMP) users usually take photos of people in school uniforms and their behaviours in public. Therefore, students learn to responsible and disciplined when they are outside of school when they are wearing the school uniforms since they are representing the school.

Furthermore, by wearing school uniforms, students can learn the value of saving time. The students do not need to waste time just to choose branded or trendy clothing. Students want to be their best so that classmates would have a good impression on them. This would make them waste lots of time choosing the clothing that is the nicest to them, thus using up a lot of time which could have been used to do more productive work. Although people may think that only a little more time is used a day, the amount of time wasted on choosing clothes would be enormous when it becomes a week or even a year. Thus, I strongly believe that school uniforms would teach students the importance of treasuring time.

Some people may argue that students can have more liberty and can show off their creativity by not wearing the standard ‘boring’ school uniforms, but this might cause distraction among students and let them be too comfortable during lessons. Not wearing school uniforms not only causes distraction and disallows the teachers to teach well, it might also cause students to wear scantily, which is ungraceful and not pleasant at all! This teaches students the lesson of respect and prioritizing, putting studies above fashion, since their main focus should be studying now. Therefore, school uniforms teach students respect and the importance to prioritize.

Therefore, I conclude that school uniforms are necessary and essential because it promotes values of paramount importance. I believe that Singapore would continue to have students wearing school uniforms as it is beneficial to our community.


  1. Dear Kee Xuan,

    Singapore has some of the most distinctive school uniforms in the world. Uniform rules are strongly adhered to and they are absolutely compulsory for all students in the primary, secondary and pre-university level.

    I totally agree with you about the various reasons a school uniform is able to achieve. I would also like to highlight another point, which is that school uniforms aids in social cohesion among the students. The students will not be able to judge another person based on what they are wearing, and this reduces tension between the students of the school.

    I think your post has really touched on one of the controversial issues in Singapore and I think the post was really persuasive and well written.

    Nicholas :D

  2. yay i am lucky to found this website!!! i truly agree on want u say Kee Xuan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Anonymous!!! XD

  3. i have lots to say, but the point that stands out most is that it does not promote discipline. Discipline is knowing what to do at certain times and having full control over your actions. And i don't feel more discipline wearing the school uniform - or at least i haven't since the 2nd week of primary 2. I feel that uniforms are more to control us. When we wear the uniform, it's more like surrendering ourselves to the educators, and community of Singapore, when we have to be cautious with every movement we make, or every word we say. It trains us to be behave better, but how would you difine better? Giving society the model answers/actions to whatever we do. It turns us into cyborgs, living because of others. We should be educated enough to know right from wrong but that doesn't deny the right to express ourselves. Being STOMPED at everything we do makes me feel uncomfortable. There should be a reasonable limit in expressing ourselves and not clamping down on everything we do, just because society doesn't like it. And that being said, working adults don't have uniforms to represent their company so they be more conscious of their behavior as ambassadors? Coat and ties are just to make things professional(a standard which differenciates us from "animals")This is just my oppinion if this message is lost midway through the text.

    society restricted 15 yr old schoolboy

  4. Well, i totally agree with you Kee Xuan. i also believe that it helps with stuff. and thank you also because this has helped me understand!!

    Girl who was REALLY confused XD

  5. I think,school uniform should be mandatory.

  6. A study published in The Journal of Educational Research by David L. Brunsma, of the University of Alabama, and Kerry A. Rockquemore, of the University of Notre Dame,[1] states: "The findings indicate that student uniforms have no direct effect on substance use, behavioral problems, or attendance. A negative effect of uniforms on student academic achievement was found."

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  9. Great reasons to the students to wear in school.

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